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Sword Princess Amaltea book 1

Princess Amaltea is sent out on the quest of her life; to rescue a fair prince in need.

Book 1

Chapter I:
The Two Princesses
Chapter II:
The Princess And The Dragon
Chapter III:
The Prince And The Bandits
Chapter IV:
The Princess And The Waiter
Chapter V:
A Prince In Need
Sword Princess Amaltea book 2

Amaltea and Ossian are on their way home to his mother, but the trip is not really "a stroll in the park".

Book 2

Chapter VI:
Princess Or Prince?
Chapter VII:
The Enchanted Prince
Chapter VIII:
The Princess And Her Sister
Chapter IX:
The Prince And The Queen
Sword Princess Amaltea book 3

After a long and dangerous journey, Amaltea and Ossian finally reach his mother's castle, but the struggle doesn't end there.

Book 3

Chapter X:
The Prince And The Witch