I have been holding lectures since 2007 on topics relating to comics and manga, both at conferences and comic festivals as well as part of courses for aspiring artists. Below you can find lists of my lectures in Swedish and English.

Previous employers:
California College of the Arts in San Francisco
ACME Academy of Fine Arts and Media in Milan
Serieskolan at Kvarnby Folkhögskola in Malmö
Malmö University
Nationell Estetisk Kongress
Fridhems Folkhögskola in Svalöv
Botkyrka Xenter
Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival
Bryggeriets Gymnasium in Malmö
Länsstudiedagan in Skövde
…among others.

Lecture on how I got in contact with Japanese manga editors, at NowJapan 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Lecture for librarians about how to work with manga in the libraries, held at Fantastikscenen at the Gothenburg Book Fair 2019, Sweden.
Lecture about Sword Princess Amaltea at Animefest 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic.
The Yaoi Manga lecture, held at UppCon 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden. Photo by Sara Hernoldson.