I am a member and founder of the Swedish manga artist collective and publishing house Nosebleed Studio. It was founded back in 2006 as a artist collective and formed as a company in 2011. Has to date published works like Sword Princess Amaltea, Penguin Rumble, Lär dig teckna manga! and several manga anthologies. They distribute their books to bookstores, libraries and sell them at events and festivals.

I am the founder and part of the project management team of the self-press comic festival Malmö Seriefest, held at Malmö city library in the Spring every year since 2015. The festival is focused on self published works and the meeting between comic artists and their readers, with a zine market and stage panels for two days. Tables and stage time is free to book to make the festival equal for all.

Previous projects

Every Girl Is A Hero (2017 - 2018)

Project co-manager, artist and workshop leader of the International collaborative comics project Every Girl Is A Hero, between the organizations Tusen Serier from Sweden and HY Pictures from Armenia, with funding by the Swedish Institute Creative Force grant. Initial interviews with girls in the two countries on how they want to change the world was used as  the base for two comics made by Natalia Batista and the team Hasmik Hovhannisyan and Lika Dpiryan, published in a printed magazine in Swedish, English and Armenian and distributed for free. Final step was workshops at schools and festivals in Sweden and Armenia during 2018 and the magazine was shipped out to schools all over the countries together with a teachers guide on how to use comic heroes to inspire young people to better the world.

Swedish Comic Sin (2010 - 2015)

Project manager and editor for the indie adult comic anthology Swedish Comic Sin, which for 5 years collected between 8-23 comic creators for each volume. The idea was to gather aspiring Swedish comic artists who wants to take on the challenge to make tasteful and interesting erotic short stories. The project is formed as a collaboration, where all participants show their work to each other in three steps: concept, layout sketches and final comic. In each step, comments and constructive criticism is free to make the personal experience as learning as possible. In the end, all comics that are approved by the group is published in the anthology. The book is then collectively produced and the printing costs is split as everybody buy some books each. The profit from selling each book goes to the respective seller.

Freya – Sequential Love Stories (2014 - 2015)

Project co-manager and editor for the indie comic anthology Freya Sequential Love Stories, a collection of 14 lesbian short comics, some erotic and some platonic. Just like with Swedish Comic Sin, this project was structured around collaboration with a team of artists managing the project and all artists giving feedback on the comics in the anthology. The book was successfully crowdfunded via IndieGoGo to pay for the printing and then distributed individually by each artist. If you want a copy, send an email via the envelope in the top right corner on this page.

Seriesystrar (2013 - 2014)

One of two parts of the now inactive podcast Seriesystrar, together with Yossra El Said (who has made the logo illustration). The podcast made 9 episodes in total, about creating and reading comics, including interviews with comic creators Elin Fahlstedt, Åsa Ekström, Frida Ulvegren, Elise Rosberg, among others.

I have also been involved in and worked for organizations like Svenska Tecknare, Wasabi Press and Seriefrämjandet Skåne, among others.