Stage Panels

With my experience as a speaker on stage, I am comfortable with stage appearances, both as part of a panel as well as in a direct interview. As I hold a variety of roles in the Swedish comic community, as a creator, publisher, comic festival organizer, teacher and networker, I can contribute with a broad perspective on the Swedish comics market as well as International connections, in the panels on stage or TV-programs I participate in.

Previous stage panels or TV appearances:
SIE kommen! … mit neuen Comics aus Schweden, panel at the Felleshus der Nordischen Botschaften in Berlin, Germany, 2019.
Interviewed on Seriescenen at Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden, 2019.
Norm-bending childrens litterature at Gothenburg Litterature House, 2018.
Tokyopop’s International Women of Manga at MCM London Comic Con, 2018.
Panel with German artist Reinhart Kleist at Rum för serier in Malmö, 2018.
How To Create Manga at AnimeExpo in Los Angeles, USA, 2018.
Panels at Stockholm International Comics Festival, Sweden, 2018
Panel at SBI, Swedish Childrens Books Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, 2018.
Panels at FumettoPolis in Novara, Italy, 2018.
Norm-bending fantasy on Litteraturscenen at Gothenburg Book Fair, 2017.
Panel at comic event Nordsken in Skellefteå, Sweden, 2017.
TV appearance in the show Superlördag at SVT Barnkanalen, Sweden, 2016.
TV appearance in UR Play’s livestream from Gothenburg Book Fair, 2015.
Swedish female comic artists, panel at 42nd Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême, France, 2015.
Panel with Tokyopop on Studying Manga at Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, 2010.
TV appearance in TV Amadora at the festival Amadora BD, Portugal, 2009.
…among others.

TV appearance in SVT Barnkanalen's show Superlördag in 2016.
Panel about Swedish manga at Gothenburg Book Fair in 2018.
Panel with European manga artists at FumettoPolis in Novara, Italy, 2017
Panel about Serieskolan in Malmö at Gothengurg Book Fair in 2019.
Panel on Nerd Feminism at the Feminist Festival in Malmö, 2014.